TKOG podcast 1

The Knights of Gaming Podcast #1 ft. Shep0d and Masterlinkace!

And, with that, The Knights of Gaming podcast is born! Here is the first episode with Ben/Shep0d and Luke/Masterlinkace. Be sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos and remember that we’re always on the lookout for guests for the podcast so if you’re interested just leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you! :D

Which Review


Indie games are one of my great loves in the gaming world for two reasons, first is that there is a huge amount of originality, indie games have to be much more original than their mainstream counterparts, primarily because they don’t have the advantage of EA and THQ ad campaigns, therefore the market is much harder to get into. The second reason, that NO ONE can deny is a reason for loving indie games, is thefact that they are [for the most part] cheap!

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Mono-Gamers and my lack of understanding.

As a gamer I always thought it was worth while to give every game I can get my hands on that looks appealing a chance, which, for the most part anyway*, worked out for the best, I feel like I have a relatively good taste in games, which gives me a good basis to form an opinion around. Recently however a new form of gamer has come to my attention, the “Mono-Gamer”. Continue reading

Miner Warfare Review

Recently I have been playing a LOT of Xbox indie games [probably because I'm poor and they're cheap and demos are a thing] specifically a lot of XBLA indie CO-OP titles, one game has me hooked in and keeps me and whoever I’m playing it with screaming at eachother for hours on end, a game that I’ll likely forcibly make you my player 2/3/4 for if you ever come around to my house. This game ladies and gents is “Miner Warfare” by Heartbit interactive.

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